The mission of CASA for the Cross Timbers Area is to ensure that abused and neglected children secure a permanent, nurturing environment as quickly as possible. We accomplish this through recruiting, training and supporting community volunteers who advocate for the best interests of these children in the court system.

CASA CTA volunteer advocates served 168 children (92 sibling groups) in Bosque, Eastland, Erath and Hamilton Counties during Fiscal year 2013. Of the 91 children whose cases closed, 25 were adopted; 32 returned home; 18 in relative custody, and 9 in non-relative custody.


“To give a child a CASA is to give them a voice. To give them a voice is to give them hope. And to give them hope is to give them the world. I believe that with all my heart.”

Pamela Butler, former foster youth


CASA for the Cross Timbers Area is an advocacy organization for foster children and youth.  Our Volunteers provide one-on-one advocacy to help Bosque, Eastland, Erath, and Hamilton County foster care children and youth grow up in safe, permanent, and loving homes where they can thrive.  CASA CTA plays a crucial role in assisting Texas’ overburdened Family Court system meet the needs of the state’s most vulnerable population.  For many abused children, a dedicated CASA CTA volunteer advocate may be the one constant presence in their lives – perhaps even the only adult who cares for them. 



Thomas’s Story
Thomas, 11 months, was removed from his mother due to domestic violence and placed 2 hours away from his family. His mother was only allowed to visit once every two weeks.

Thomas was moved to another placement further from his home. His mother was unable to make visits. He spent three years in foster care.

The Court appoints a CASA Volunteer.
Thomas’s CASA volunteer advocated for him to be placed with his maternal grandparents and encouraged his mother to get help. Thomas’ mother left the abusive relationship and Thomas was returned to her custody.